Top gadgets for staying safe when travelling for work

While there are low-cost ways to stay safe with advice, sometimes you need a stronger, gadget-based solution when you are heading to unfamiliar places.

Using the latest technology can help you feel safe and secure, and ensure your time on the road is focused on the job rather than ‘what ifs’. Aside from DoorJammer, here are a few other suggestions:

  • Portable car battery charger and roadside assistance kit
Flat tires are a common occurance. Don't get caught out!

For those using a car for long trips to and from their workplace, this is a crucial one. You do not want to be stuck waiting for a tow truck on a dark, stormy highway! With a roadside assistance kit, you can get back on the road quickly with or without a breakdown recovery plan.

From premium emergency kits, traction mats and straps to get you out of the snow or mud, to jumper cables to revive a dead battery, there are different types of kits to fit your budget.

According to the New York Times, the essentials you need include a tyre inflator, a flash light and duct tape.

For those who are using company vehicles, speak to your employer kit they might provide for you.

  • Self-defense or deterrence gadgets

Depending on the laws of the country or the state that you are in, several self-defense tools are available to buy. Using these tools is always at the responsibility of the user.

In many states in America, you can buy pepper spray, stun guns and tasers depending on what sort of non-lethal protection you want to have (and applied with a reasonable legal response).

While restrictions in the UK/EU mean that some self-defense tools are not available to purchase or use legally, devices like personal safety alarms that emit loud noises and lights have been recommended as a deterrent and can be just as effective.

  • Personal cameras
Gadgets like personal cameras can help to keep you safe and as a good deterance.

As cameras get cheaper and smaller, staying safe has become easier. There has been a large increase in the mobile and body camera markets with more and more products available to keep you safe on the job, and out and about.

Many of these cameras can be used in private residences and hotels, with some of them offering remote streaming functions for when you are away, and can even to send footage straight to the authorities… not far from the realm of spy movies!

Meanwhile setting up dash cams on the front and back of your vehicle is great for insurance as well as gaining evidence of any potential damage to your vehicle.

  • DoorJammer

While many of these products will help various aspects of your safety, DoorJammer ensures that you remain secure no matter where you are with its unique strength and patented design. Portable and affordable security that doesn’t require batteries, tools or any prior modifications, DoorJammer can be used on most inward-opening doors guaranteeing no intruders can interrupt your sleep.

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