What Is The Best Personal Safety Device?

Examining Various Tools For Different Needs

“What is the best personal safety device?” is a question many ask. Each gadget has unique characteristics and uses, from personal alarms to portable safes. But how can you reliably determine which one is the best? 

The answer certainly isn’t simple and heavily depends on your situation. Each device is unique and manufactured as a reply to a specific demand. If you want to stay on your guard, you purchase a travel alarm, if you want to protect important documents, you either buy a portable safe or a special case. 

But any way you look at it, a personal safety device proves to be “the best” only when it functions as a complete solution to your emergency. And, seeing as functionality plays a vital role here, let’s look at some devices perfectly tailored for various safety emergencies. 

As mentioned above, answering the “What is the best personal safety device?” is challenging. You must ensure personal safety on your own, and we can only recommend the right tools for the job.

DoorJammer For Perpetrator Protection

DoorJammer exemplifies versatility and effectiveness in personal safety devices, particularly for travelers and those residing in temporary accommodations. Constructed of rugged steel, it provides enhanced strength and security. Our patented design makes DoorJammer compatible with various types of flooring, making it adaptable to different environments. Despite its sturdy build, it’s compact and lightweight, making it easily portable and convenient for travelers.

Its installation process is straightforward and quick, requiring no tools, and it can be removed just as easily in emergencies. The device’s adjustable neoprene extension ensures it can fit doors with different thresholds, adding to its versatility. It creates a robust physical barrier capable of withstanding 1,000 pounds of direct force and protects living spaces from even the craftiest criminals. 

Everyday Carry Safety Tools

Everyday carry safety tools are crucial for preparedness in various situations. Essential items like reliable fire starters or lighters and durable cordage are handy for emergencies and everyday needs. Basic first aid supplies, including bandages and medications, are vital for addressing minor injuries and health needs on the go.

Flashlights and sturdy knives are indispensable for low-light conditions and various practical tasks. Compact keychain multi-tools and pepper spray offer functionality and self-defense in a portable form.

These EDC items provide security and self-sufficiency, enabling individuals to easily handle diverse situations.

Versatile Personal Safety Solutions

Smartwatches now have built-in alarms and trauma detection, notifying emergency services in critical situations. Health monitors for chronic diseases go beyond basic fitness tracking, offering vital sign monitoring and early diagnostics for conditions like heart problems.

Discreet protection solutions have emerged, with devices like the Flare Bracelet and InvisaWear products disguised as everyday accessories capable of notifying emergency contacts or dialing 911. For children, smart helmets and car seats alert parents about potential dangers, ensuring the child’s safety.

Additionally, for adventurous individuals or those in risky jobs, personal safety is enhanced with smart helmets equipped with LED lights, GPS, and AI-enabled tech for fall detection and safety alerts. GPS support devices like the Garmin inReach Mini are vital for those in remote areas, providing two-way satellite communication for safety. These varied solutions reflect the evolution of personal safety devices, offering protection and peace of mind across different scenarios and lifestyles.

Safety Apps For Smartphones

Apps like Arlo Safe and bSafe provide comprehensive personal protection. Arlo Safe features a dedicated team for emergencies, and bSafe offers a live tracking map and voice-activated tools for prevention and incident handling. Cairn and my SOS Family cater to specific user groups, with Cairn designed for hikers to share their location and my SOS Family aimed at individuals living alone, offering a network of trusted emergency contacts.

Circulo and the American Red Cross First Aid app offer quick emergency response and lifesaving knowledge. Circulo allows users to swiftly alert a pre-selected group of contacts, while the First Aid app provides essential information on first aid and weather-related emergencies. Kite String enhances safety checks by alerting family and friends if the user fails to respond. 


And with the last personal safety solutions out of the way, we hope the article answered the questions, “what is the best personal safety device?” quite extensively. It all depends on your needs, preferences, and the emergency at hand. 

Although there’s no clear winner, it’s best to pick and combine various security solutions for your ultimate benefit. So, we urge you to try any of the solutions mentioned and test out DoorJammer, which should always come in handy. 

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