5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips For A Great Experience

The holiday season is a time of excitement, fun, and, above all, travel. It’s that special period when we set aside our everyday duties to venture out and rejoice with family and friends, indulging in festive delights spread across lands near and far. 

However, amidst all the fun and frolic, there is a critical variable that we often tend to overlook- safety. Ensuring one’s safety while traveling is paramount, and it is more so during the holiday season when places are extra crowded and the hustle and bustle are at their peak.

This article aims to provide six crucial holiday travel safety tips to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

1. Plan Your Route

Departures at the beginning of a safe travel journey

Planning your route is one of the first holiday travel safety tips we can give. After all, uncertainty can lead to stress and unsafe situations, and effective planning can help retain peace of mind. 

For road trips, scheduling stops, especially on long journeys, allows for rest and refreshment. Budgeting extra time for unexpected delays like traffic or road repairs ensures a stress-free arrival at your destination.

For air travel, a well-set itinerary with double-checked flight timings and early airport arrival helps reduce anxiety, allowing for a smooth check-in experience.

Informing someone about your travel plans, including your route and estimated arrival time, is a simple safety measure beneficial in emergencies. Using live-location tracking technology with a trusted party can enhance safety, laying the groundwork for a smooth and enjoyable holiday travel experience.

2. Home Safety Preparations

The second crucial step on your to-do list before setting off on your holiday travels should, without a doubt, be securing your home. A home left unattended for extended periods can become a target for burglars. To give yourself peace of mind while away, here are some tips to prepare your home for your absence.

  1. Double-Check Home Security Systems: Before leaving, inspect all elements of your home security systems, including alarms, security cameras, and locks on doors and windows. 
  2. Suspend Mail and Regular Deliveries: Inventory piles of mail and regular deliveries indicate that the house owner is away. Cancel your regular subscriptions, packages, and mail before leaving. Also, consider snow clearance arrangements if it’s winter. Snowed-up driveways can be a dead giveaway of an uninhabited house.
  3. Ask Trusted Friends or Neighbors for Help: Having them check on your house periodically will deter burglars and ensure everything continues running smoothly. They can also handle any unforeseen incidents, providing you with added assurance.

3. Vehicle Safety Check

Your car is a crucial thing to check when prioritizing Travel Safety, especially tires

Two of the latter holiday travel safety tips have to do with vehicles. Before your trip, have your car professionally serviced or inspected. Mechanics can identify and fix issues that might go unnoticed, reducing the likelihood of car troubles during your journey. Ensure the inspection covers engine oil, brake fluids, coolant, and air filter checking.

Equip your car with an emergency kit to prepare for unexpected situations. Include essentials like a safety cone, carjack, flashlight, jumper cables, blankets, bottled water, and snacks. These items can prove invaluable in case of an unexpected halt or breakdown.

Tire safety is crucial for smooth, long drives, especially in winter with icy roads. Consider switching to winter-ready tires for better traction and ensure they are correctly inflated. By adhering to these steps, you ensure your vehicle is ready for the journey, prioritizing the safety and well-being of everyone on board.

4. Safe Driving Practices

Start with equipping yourself for challenging weather conditions. Whether facing icy roads in winter or heavy rain in other seasons, consider enrolling in driving lessons that teach essential techniques for handling diverse weather conditions.

Regular breaks during long drives, especially in challenging weather, are vital for your safety and others. Experts recommend stopping every two hours or every 100 miles to stretch, refresh, and, if needed, catch some rest. These breaks help prevent driver fatigue and maintain your alertness.

The objective of all holiday travel safety tips is to reach your destination and do so safely. Adopting safe driving practices makes your journey enjoyable and less stressful, ensuring everyone arrives safe and sound.

5. Accommodation Safety with DoorJammer

Select reputable accommodations known for their security measures. Check online reviews and ratings before booking, and consider places with 24/7 security and surveillance systems to guarantee a safe stay.

Boosting room security with portable devices like the DoorJammer provides additional peace of mind. It’s an easy-to-install gadget that prevents forced entries, enhancing the safety of your space. It never trips over surfaces, withstands 1,000 pounds of direct force, and works even when the lock is compromised.


Prioritizing safety is essential, whether traveling locally or internationally. Thoroughly planning your route, securing your home, preparing your vehicle, and choosing safe accommodations significantly enhance travel safety.

These tips serve as a guide to ensure an enjoyable and safe holiday experience. Remember, prioritizing your safety also contributes to the collective safety of all travelers.

Holiday travels are meant for joy, relaxation, and creating beautiful memories with loved ones. With these safety precautions, you’re well-prepared to make this holiday season memorable and safe. Happy travels!

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