5 Travel Safety Accessories To Take With You

A trip for either leisure or business is an adventure that evokes new experiences. However, the unfamiliarity of new places can sometimes bring about safety concerns. It’s in your best interest to be prepared for various situations, and having the right travel safety accessories can significantly enhance your security and peace of mind. 

These accessories mitigate risks and ensure you remain safe throughout the trip. In this article, we will explore five essential travel safety accessories worthy of your travel kit, ensuring that you are well-equipped and can focus more on creating cherished memories.

Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are compact travel safety accessories designed to emit a loud siren upon activation by pulling a pin or pressing a button. The high-decibel sound quickly draws attention in emergencies, potentially deterring threats or alerting others, protecting you in unfamiliar or high-risk areas.

Carrying a personal alarm enhances security, offering a non-lethal self-protection method, ideal for solo travelers, night-time adventurers, or those in less populated areas. It significantly enriches the travel experience by reducing stress and elevating the sense of safety.

As notable examples, consider purchasing Safesound, Vigilant, and Robocop personal alarms to guarantee your safety.

Portable Door Lock/Security Device

DoorJammer Portable for Travel Safety

Yet another option to consider when it comes to travel safety accessories is portable door locks. And we’re more than happy to say that DoorJammer has been tested and is proven to provide you with a robust physical barrier. 

DoorJammer is user-friendly and can be installed without specialized knowledge or tools. It prevents doors from being opened, even if the intruder has a key. This is particularly reassuring in places where you might not entirely trust the existing lock system. Moreover, DoorJammer is highly compact, withstands 1,000 pounds of direct force, and doesn’t trip over surfaces. 

If you take DoorJammer with you during your travels, you won’t have to consider purchasing other portable locks. It’s a one-time, convenient safety solution. 

RFID Blocking Wallets And Passport Holders

Credit cards that can be protected by RFID technology

Electronic pickpocketing is a growing threat in today’s digital era, making RFID-blocking wallets and passport holders vital travel safety accessories. These neat products prevent unauthorized access to personal information on RFID-enabled cards and passports, safeguarding against tech-savvy thieves who can remotely steal sensitive data unnoticed.

The RFID-blocking technology encases your cards and passport in a protective shield, blocking the electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies used to read your data, which is handy for overseas travels where electronic theft is common. Various reputable brands offer a range of RFID-blocking wallets and passport holders, catering to different tastes and needs. 

Anti-Theft Backpacks And Bags

Secure Backpack accessories

Navigating bustling areas can expose travelers to theft risks, making anti-theft backpacks and bags crucial travel safety accessories. These bags come with slash-resistant material, locking zippers, and hidden compartments, hindering pickpockets from accessing valuables.

Using anti-theft bags during travels offers manifold benefits, including safeguarding belongings and providing a sense of security, allowing for ease in exploration. Their innovative design melds functionality with style, ensuring aesthetics aren’t compromised for safety, appearing modern and sleek while offering enhanced security.

Whether you prefer a backpack, crossbody bag, or a tote, you can easily find a product that aligns with your style and keeps you theft-proof. 

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

In pursuing travel safety, invisible threats like carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, often pose deadly risks, especially in unfamiliar accommodations. Such was the case during a tragic incident in Mexico City, where three young individuals succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Travel safety accessories like the Kidde Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector are lifesavers in such scenarios. This compact, battery-powered device is affordable and lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. It’s engineered to sound a loud alarm upon detecting carbon monoxide, alerting travelers to potential danger.


Travelling is a sure way to experience something new. But as something unpleasant can always occur and sour the mood, it’s best for you to think about safety. And, if you get any travel safety accessories from the list, you should have a pleasant journey. 

We personally invite you to test out DoorJammer yourself. It’s a remarkable device that provides a robust security solution for your accommodations. Your safety is an investment that yields invaluable peace of mind, and we’re confident DoorJammer will help ensure just that. 

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