Agile travel plans for quick escapes during changing coronavirus travel rules

Although new Covid strains are emerging, we are learning to adapt — especially when it comes to finding the opportunity to get away. If you want to explore the world in 2022, it’s helpful to have agile travel plans so you can spread your wings at short notice as coronavirus travel restrictions change back and forth. If Covid uncertainty has been deterring you from packing your suitcase from fear that your holiday dreams might be shattered, our travel tips might help make the world your oyster once again.

Picture the scene: you’ve got your bags packed, with your snorkel and sun hat on, when you suddenly hear the news — international travel has been locked down, again! If you’re a regular adventurer who loves to travel to new and exciting places, there can be nothing worse than feeling grounded and stuck in place. If being faced with this scenario gets your anxiety going, fear not — it’s easier than you think to be agile with your travel plans. With the right preparation, you can grab your kit and go as soon as you get the green light to travel.

Be flexible with your travel bookings

If travelling the world is your passion, booking flights, train tickets, taxis, car rentals, hotels and hostels may be second nature to you. But in the post-pandemic world, where travel restrictions are often changing and unpredictable around the globe, setting your travel plans in stone is a gamble. Booking travel arrangements is not always cheap, and can often be non-refundable for certain flights, hotel stays and bookings. That’s why it’s important always to check first whether the plane tickets you’re about to buy offer a free cancellation policy if things go south! Thinking of a hotel stay? Finding rooms with lenient cancellation policies will allow you to be more flexible with your travel plans if anything suddenly changes; sometimes there is an additional fee to get cancellation terms up to the eleventh hour, but a small upfront admin fee may be more cost-effective in these uncertain times than losing your entire booking.

Many companies in the tourism sector now have coronavirus policies, so it’s also worth checking the small print to see under what conditions you would get a refund or whether they would honour your booking for a later date – and whether you would be able to choose these dates to suit you.

Pack light and portable so you’re always ready to go

The key to being agile with your travel plans is the ability to have your travel kit ready in an instant, so you can run out the door as soon as your vacation is back on the cards! Whether you’re a solo traveller, prefer to go somewhere a little off the beaten track, or maybe just aren’t a fan of big suitcases, packing light and portable may be your answer. And even if you prefer more organised holidays in established resorts, having small, easy-to-pack kit can help you take advantage of newly re-opened travel destinations quickly.  

Luckily, there are a number of easy and portable travel products that are designed to fit in small luggage and become your packing essentials for any trip abroad:

  • Microfibre towel: If you’re planning on staying at a hostel, B&B or camping out in the wilderness, having a microfibre towel in your bag can save you a lot of precious space and weight. Quick-drying and foldable, they make a practical addition to any traveller’s backpack or case. The Trespass Bamboo Towel even comes in a zipped pouch, so you can keep your travel towel separate from the rest of your kit.
Image: Trespass
  • World travel adapter: Never get caught out by not being able to charge your devices again! Having an all-in-one, international travel plug adapter, such as the hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter, will mean no more fussing and worrying over whether you’ve got the right plugs for where you’re travelling.
Image: Amazon
  • Travel first aid kit: This is definitely one for the solo travellers and adventure seekers. Having your very own, portable first aid kit can be your lifesaver against any cuts, stings and bruises in the wild. The Nomad Ultimate Medical Kit has been specially prepared for exactly these occasions, containing everything you need to treat yourself — or a loved one — if you don’t have immediate access to medical assistance.
Image: Nomad
  • Portable door lock: While we’re still on the theme of safety, it’s important to feel secure when you’re inside as well! For hotels, hostels, B&Bs, or any other place you choose to stay, having confidence that your room will stay secure overnight or during vulnerable periods, such as washing, can give you instant piece of mind. The DoorJammer Portable was designed exactly for this purpose, with a police-accredited design that can withstand high impacts from an invasive force against most in-swinging doors. The same size as an iPhone, this nifty gadget can help take the stress out of your stay, without losing precious packing space!
Image: DoorJammer
  • Travel passport case: Wherever your destination, you’re not going to get very far without your tickets and passports, if going abroad! Keeping your valuable documents safe and together is not only great for staying organised, it can also help reduce the chances of losing something important by mistake. We recommend the Homchen RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet Holder for a compact solution that also protects against card-scanning thieves.
Image: Amazon

Have a back-up for your travel plans

If all you want to do is get out and go somewhere new for a vacation, preparing for any last-minute changes with a closer-to-home alternative may be the answer you’re looking for! Besides, we’ve all heard the advice that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket — so why do the same with your holiday escape?

If you’ve had dreams of going to a tropical beach but find the airports are suddenly closed, why not try searching online for domestic coastal escapes, or a picturesque spot by the sea where you can relax instead? Hey — it may not be Barbados, but it’s still a getaway you can call your own!

We hope you find these tips helpful. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know where you’re looking forward to travelling next!

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