HAVEN Lockdown Vs Classroom Guardian – How do they compare for school safety?

When it comes to school security, being able to barricade classrooms and administrative offices quickly and effectively against an invasive attack can be critical for student and staff safety. This is not only important in such an event but can also be a deterrent to any would-be attackers, as well as a comfort for students, parents and staff to know that their safety is being considered at all times.

In this product comparison review, we’re going to look at the HAVEN Lockdown vs Classroom Guardian and see how they can be used to protect a school environment.

Overview of HAVEN Lockdown

HAVEN’s company mission is to better protect families at school and work. Founded by veteran members of the military and law enforcement, they had found that traditional bolt and deadlock door locking systems were not strong enough to prevent an invasive attack. Focusing on schools, churches and commercial office buildings, they invented the HAVEN Lockdown.

The HAVEN Lockdown is a locking solution mounted on the top of the door. A teacher or administrator is given a smart key fob to wear or store securely which, when activated, will automatically lock the door in less than a second. It can also be manually activated or deactivated by hand, or via an egress button, giving users a variety of ways to activate or release the door locking system.

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Advantages of HAVEN Lockdown

  • Fast-acting: The HAVEN Lockdown activates in less than two seconds, which can make all the difference in the event of an intruder attempting to enter a classroom or commercial building
  • Ease of use: The HAVEN Lockdown can be activated and deactivated by a variety of different, secure methods, with a smart key fob, egress button, mobile app, or manually
  • Material quality: The HAVEN Lockdown is built using military-grade materials and is designed to meet ADA, Fire Code, and Safety Regulations for maximum compliance.

Disadvantages of HAVEN Lockdown

  • Requires installation: The device will need to be fitted and tested by HAVEN install engineers, which may be costly, especially if you need security on every classroom and activity room across a school
  • Battery operated: If regular maintenance and recharging of the HAVEN Lockdown battery is not properly handled, there is an opportunity for it to fail in a crisis scenario
  • Can be inaccessible for disabilities: In the event that the device needs to be manually operated, being mounted on top of the door makes the HAVEN Lockdown not American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant in this scenario.

Overview of Classroom Guardian

The Classroom Guardian Door Security device is made by School Gate Guardian. Being in the school security market for over 15 years, they have worked with school administrators, security directors, design engineers and teachers to develop a commercial door locking solution that offers added protection for classrooms.

Rather than using smart technology, the Classroom Guardian is a physical barricade that spans from door frame to door frame on outward swinging doors, instantly preventing them from opening.

Image: Classroom Guardian

Advantages of Classroom Guardian

  • Easy installation: As the Classroom Guardian does not need to be fitted into the top of the door, or into the floor, it can be installed quickly with ease
  • Physical design: The Classroom Guardian does not rely on a battery or wireless technology, greatly reducing the opportunity for it to fail in a crisis
  • It can be disengaged externally: First responders, staff members and school security are provided with the tools needed to disengage the Classroom Guardian from the outside, allowing for secure accessibility.

Disadvantages of Classroom Guardian

  • One-way use: The Classroom Guardian only works on outward opening doors, limiting where it can be installed
  • Reliant on door strength: As the Classroom Guardian acts as a central barricade block to a door, it is reliant on the strength of the door material to keep it securely in place
  • Bulky design: The door locking device is large, which could create issues of storage within a classroom.

HAVEN Lockdown vs Classroom Guardian comparison overview

 HAVEN LockdownClassroom Guardian
FeaturesMultiple ways of use, discrete design and works on both inward and outward opening doors to prevent unwanted entry.Keeps outward opening doors securely barricaded without the chance of technical issues, but still accessible externally to responsible staff members and first responders.
SpecsLength: 45in Width: 4.1in Height: 15.5inNot disclosed

The decider

Depending on the types of doors a school or commercial building may have, both of these locks have their benefits. The HAVEN Lockdown uses a smart technology system which allows multiple users to have responsibility over the door-locking device in a variety of ways, whilst the Classroom Guardian has a traditional approach of a practical barricade. This makes your decision as to which one is right for your school very much up to cost and style of door, whether it’s inward or outward opening. It’s important to note that, regardless of which door security locking system is used, it can only guarantee added resistance and deterrence to an intruder, as the strength of the door material is also a major factor.

If the added cost and inconvenience of expert device installation is an issue, the Classroom Guardian may be a potential solution. It’s simple in both application and design, making it easy to learn and use. However, only working on outward opening doors limits its capabilities and where it can be used in a school environment.

If you are interested in a smart locking system that can be controlled remotely on a variety of doors, then the HAVEN Lockdown certainly has its benefits. Its top-of-door mounted design keeps the security device discrete, but its battery-operated design does require regular maintenance and staff awareness to ensure it’s always ready for an emergency.

Or, for even more security, consider a DoorJammer Lockdown. With an award-winning, police-accredited design, this door locking device can be quickly deployed at the base of any inward swinging door, creating an instant barrier to unwanted entry. That means that it can be safely stored in a cupboard, drawer or by a classroom door and set up at a moment’s notice — without the need for any drilling, costly installations or modifications made to your door frames.

For lockdown situations, this security device designed for commercial spaces acts as a full barricade. Read more about its features here.

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