How to deter thieves from your home this Christmas 

How do you guarantee a good Christmas? From high-budget solutions to simple tips, whether you live in an apartment complex or a house, there are many ways to ensure that the festive season is a safer, happier one for you and your family.

Keep your holiday a secret online AND offline 

On average, thieves want to break into an empty home. You should always give the impression that you are close by. Announcing your holiday on social media is an open advertisement for crooks, so save the snaps for when you are back or keep your profiles private.

Get your neighbour or a friend to check on your place regularly when you are away or buy lighting products like light switch timers and Fake TV simulators to make it appear as if someone is home.

Keep Christmas presents away from the window 

Like us, thieves also like to do window shopping. Setting up trees and decorations too close to your front windows may attract unwanted attention from potential burglars. Balance Christmas cheer with present safety by investing in good curtains or blinds, and do not leave presents in an overly visible spot just in case!

Get a parcel box for when you are not at home 

A parcel box like Penn Parcel Box is useful to hide and protect mail and packages when you are away for extended periods. It offers protection both from the elements and the bad guys. If you are not able to get a parcel box, make sure to redirect your mail or pause subscriptions when you are not around. 

Lock your doors and windows 

This may sound obvious, but just one innocent mistake will mean that a thief could end Christmas early. Whether you are out at a party, seeing some relatives or having a quiet night in, always check you have locked all your doors and windows before turning in for the night.

Speaking of locks, did you know experts believe you should consider changing your locks every seven years?


With the rise of smart devices, getting a CCTV system is easier than ever. While it may not stop the most determined criminal from breaking into your house, it acts as a good deterrent and gathers visual evidence should you need it. 

Burglar Alarm 

Depending on your budget, setting up a comprehensive burglar alarm will help to deter and detect would-be thieves that may try to gain entry. Dummy alarms for the outside of your house are available, but we would strongly recommend you invest in a proper alarm system.

Make some noise!

Noise can also make robbers second guess… Set up your smart speaker to play the radio or Christmas songs at certain times, or you can even program it to bark!

Christmas lights and light sensors 

Criminals do not want to be in the spotlight. Having outdoor motion-activated lights or a bright Christmas display is a straightforward way to put any unwanted visitors off their game. Make sure that the power to any lights does not mean you have to leave any windows open –battery or solar lights make a great alternative to mains powered.  


While many of these options above are smart and easy to implement, they may not deter the most strongminded criminal.

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