5 simple ways to feel more secure at home

Sometimes, it’s not always obvious what security measures you need to put in place when you first move into your new home. When decorating and furniture shopping take priority, it’s easy to forget about the safety of your loved ones. It was informed by safeatlast in December 2021, 77% of all crimes committed in America were property crimes, which is inclusive of the three subcategories of burglaries, theft, and car theft. Even with a percentage this high, not everyone has the space, money and time to tech up their house with HD CCTV cameras or smart alarms. So here are a few simple security tips you can use for your home, that require minimal effort and installation, but can offer immediate peace of mind.

  1. Window Sensors
Image: iSmartAlarm on Amazon

Windows are obvious points of entry for burglars. Whether you have double glazing, or even locks, windows can still be easily compromised. However, window sensors can be the answer to prevent this. Window sensors are triggered by movement from the window, to which an alarm would go off. If you are at home, most sensors will play a charm like sound to avoid discomfort, but when you are perhaps in the garden or out of the house, you can change the setting to a loud alarm. Modern sensors can even notify your phone when they’re triggered. These devices do not have to be expensive; you can pick one up for less than £20.

2. Portable door security device – DoorJammer

Despite the intricate designs of door locks, some doors are not durable enough to withstand external force from unwanted visitors or burglars. A DoorJammer can be the perfect solution for this. It’s made out of tough steel, and works just like a door barricade. The device is quick to install and does not require any installation that’s going to permanently leave a mark on the structure of your door, the frame or the floor; its portable design means it can be used in any room of your house, you can even take it with you on trips away! For less than $30/£25, anyone can afford to keep your family safe.

3. Car key blocker – Faraday Bag

Whilst our technology has got smarter over the years, so have criminals. Modern day will likely use ‘key-less’ technology which uses a short-range radio signal to activate the cars locking system. The thieves who wish to steal the car, often known as relay thieves, will set up a receiver near to the key and use this to bounce the signal from one receiver to another until the car is tricked into believing the key is close by. A Faraday Bag is simply a bag that blocks this signal. These retail for just under £6, so worth every penny if you think your vehicle is susceptible to relay crime or you live in an area renowned for car theft.

4. Penn Parcel Box

A parcel box is great for those who have busy schedules and can’t afford to lose another package to a porch pirate! Penn Parcel Boxes are made out of robust, weather-resistant, powder coated steel, and deliveries stored in the bottom compartment can only be accessed with the key that comes with it. When a courier puts a parcel in the hatch, it is passed through an anti-theft loading bay down into secure locked storage, blocking all access from the delivery hatch. It’s perfect for keeping parcels out of sight, and dry, until you get home from a long day, so you’ll never lose or miss a delivery again.

5. Motion activated lights

Image: Mr Beams Store on Amazon

Although motion activated lights have been around for a number of years now, a simple device like this can help you feel a lot safer, especially when living alone or having to stay at home on your own. Understandably, burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight, so an effective way to keep them at bay is installing motion sensor lights wherever you might deem necessary. The more the better.

You could spend thousands on a smart security system for your house, and spend days setting it all up! However, it is proven that it is not always necessary – safety can be acquired through a number of means, especially ones that don’t break the bank and when used in conjunction with one another, can prove very effective. What’s more, ensuring the safety of you, your belongings and your loved ones shouldn’t have to be a difficult, lengthy task… all products listed here can be installed in a matter of seconds!

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