Keeping your home secure over Christmas and New Year

Christmas is a time of rich pickings for burglars — shiny presents are easy to identify and often high value, and burglaries are made easier when homes are left empty as we visit friends and family. Worried? Don’t be, as we have some great top tips for making sure your home isn’t an easy target!

Who doesn’t love a festive get together? This year especially has some significance, following the gleefully named Christmas bubbles of 2020 that limited the number of friends and relatives who could gather in a group. But now we have the chance to enjoy some proper seasonal cheer together again (Omicron permitting), so don’t let your home security be the thorn in the side of your fun.

If you’re intending to visit loved one/s this Christmas or New Year and leaving your home unattended, you could be a prime target for burglars and thieves eager to get their hands on your valuables while you’re away. So here are some of our best recommendations on how to reduce your chances of becoming a target for burglary and improve your home security.

Be sensible with outdoor security lights

The first line of defence against any would-be burglar is to light them up! Installing a motion-activated or sensor outdoor security light is a great way to deter any potential thieves. These come in a wide range of styles and strengths. For brightness, an outdoor motion sensor security light that is connected to your mains electricity guarantees that your security lights are not at risk of running out of battery. A good example is the Umi. By Amazon 2000lm Motion Sensor Light — its adjustable heads can let you angle those important beams towards the most likely place a burglar would enter. Want to take it a step further? Try adding a Ring Spotlight Cam into the mix so you can detect and record any intruders with video streaming right to your phone!

If you’re unable to connect your outdoor security lights directly to your house mains electricity, you can always check out a solar-powered alternative, such as the HETP Outdoor LED Solar Lights with Motion Sensor. Although not always as reliable and strong as their mains counterparts, they can still provide an added layer of security that may help prevent anyone sneaking past. Plus, it never hurts to have an illuminated path when returning at night yourself!

Image: HETP

Let trusted neighbours know when you’re away

This is not only a great tip for Christmas and New Year but can be followed whenever you know you’ll be out of the house for a period of time for a holiday, family visit or business trip. If you’re friendly with any of your surrounding neighbours, it’s wise to keep them in the loop whenever you’ll be out of town, as they may be the first to spot any unusual activity happening at your property. By keeping a trusted contact in your neighbourhood who is able to reach you on your mobile phone or call the police if they see anything suspicious when they know you’re not around, your home and valuables will be just that little bit more secure (and your mind a little bit more at ease during overnight stays!).

As the famous saying goes, there is safety in numbers — so try getting more people involved! By joining or setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme (UK, US) with your local community, you can also lend your neighbours a hand with reducing potential crime in your area. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

Use indoor tricks to keep your house secure

Burglars are far less likely to target a property that has somebody inside — and this is especially so over the Christmas and New Year period, where some houses are bulging at the seams with guests and others are abandoned over the festivities. This means that thieves are much more likely to look for houses that appear empty and dark, or without signs of activity.

Much like the classic scene from the film, Home Alone, timed lights are a great deterrent, but if they come on like clockwork at the same time every day, they can be a bit of a giveaway. A much more convincing way of making it seem like people are present and active inside the property is a light security timer, such as the Unicom Security Timer, that randomly switches indoor lights on and off at night.

Image: Unicom

The mydome LED TV Simulator projects a miniature light show while you are out that realistically mimics the changing patterns of a television screen, giving the illusion that you are still at home – an easier solution than rigging up dummies to simulate a house party like Kevin/Macaulay Culkin did.

Image: mydome

Peace of mind for protection at home

While it is less likely for a home invader to take their chances when somebody is at home, the Christmas and New Year periods may make those who are home alone more vulnerable while others are distracted by the festivities. This means that, if you have chosen to have a quiet night in this Christmas or have planned to have your festivities on a different day instead, keeping yourself safe and secure while inside could also grant you some valuable extra time and safety.

The Portable Door Lock by Addalock can help to give inward opening doors some additional security by fitting around the strike plate of a hinged door. This creates a strong locking force for any door that doesn’t have one, as well as added strength to a door where the lock may not be ideal or secure enough to prevent against a home invasion.

Alternatively, the DoorJammer has an award-winning, police-accredited design that can also put a stop to high levels of impact on any in-swinging door. No bigger than an iPhone, this makes it an ideal companion for taking in a bag on your travels as well as at home, so you can have instant peace of mind your security is in hand!

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