Staying safe when travelling this holiday season

Omicron may be throwing a spanner in the works, but after a lockdown Christmas last year, many of us will be looking to visit loved ones, get some winter sun or go skiing, if at all possible. Here’s how to stay safe as you spread your wings once more.

Whether you’re looking to travel domestically or internationally, one thing is for certain: your safety always comes first! The last thing anyone wants is for a fun family or friends’ holiday to be interrupted by a misfortunate accident, or a threatening situation. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on simple ways you can always stay in charge of your safety.

Keep your valuables safe while on the move

If you’re a travel expert this may be a no-brainer — but, for those of us who have slightly fallen out of the loop over lockdown, keeping your valuables close is the first rule of travelling safely! Between your bank cards, passport or any tickets and foreign currency, finding out you’ve lost your means of getting around can be a big blow to an enjoyable trip away.

Need some inspiration on some ideas on ways to keep your important documents safe? We suggest bringing a zipped travel bum bag or fanny pack, like the Trespass Dax 2.5 litre. Wearable either around the waist or across the chest, have comfort knowing those important items are secure!

If you’re looking for a further layer of protection, keeping your valuables in an RFID Protected Travel Wallet, such as this one from Lifeventure, can help to avoid becoming a victim to card-scanning thieves (as well as keeping your documents organised and tidy for your trip!)

Feeling safe where you’re staying

While it can be easy to flick between the beautiful photos of chalets, cottages and forest hideaways on Airbnb, you can never really know what to expect until you’ve seen where you’re staying in person! Sadly, we can’t always have faith in the online listings, or how safe and secure the property truly is before you get there. But don’t worry — there are a couple of convenient solutions that will give you peace of mind, no matter where you’re staying.

Having a portable door lock, such as the DoorJammer, is a great way to put a stop to forced entry attempts on in-swinging doors. With an award-winning and police-accredited design, this handy device is no bigger than an iPhone and keeps you and your belongings safe in your room or accommodation, making it a packing essential if you’re wary of the locks wherever you’re staying. By carrying a mixture of portable door locks, such as the TRIUMPHANT Portable Door Lock, you can make sure you’re prepared and ready for any type of door system you may be faced with!

Protect yourself from popular holiday scams

While our other two topics keep you physically safe, what about digitally? There are a good number of common holiday scams, lies and frauds that regularly trip up the inexperienced traveller. These include:

  • Phony travel websites: Always make sure you’re buying tickets or holiday package deals from verified and genuine travel websites, such as Expedia or Travel Supermarket.
  • Public Wifi services: When you’re visiting hotels, coffee shops and other public areas,  watch out for open and unofficial network services. Scammers will often target unaware tourists on the lookout for internet services.
  • False bank contacts: If you’ve received any messages from your bank claiming they need your personal information, be aware! There are a whole host of bank account phishing scams that could find you out of money, abroad… Check your bank’s current contact policy before planning your trip (and make sure to let them know first if you’re planning to go abroad).

We hope you find these tips helpful. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know where you’re looking forward to travelling this holiday season!

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